Why Senuke X is the Best Link Building Software Available

There are many automated link building softwares out there nowadays but none of which really compares to the brute force power of Senuke X.

The reason why Senuke X is still the best search engine optimization software for the past 2 years is because of it’s consistent weekly updates and it’s variety on the links it’s able to build. Senuke can do

That’s a huge variety of backlinks which Google absolutely loves.

Sure, there have been some SEO programs that have been effective in the last year or so, however Google updates (Panda update anyone?) have killed off the effectiveness of most of these softwares. Why? Simply because these software are only able to do one type of backlinking such as blog commenting. Spamming one type of backlink onto your site no longer has ANY effect on your site’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Not to mention the update schedules on these other software are near non-existant. One update every few or couple of months? That’s simply not going to cut it into today’s fast updating and revolving internet world. That’s another aspect in which Senuke X excels in. Senuke X has software programmers that are dedicated to just updating and adding new sites to submit to! Updates come weekly instead of monthly, all the broken sites get fixed quick.

Senuke is definitely one of the SEO programs that I can’t not have in my arsenal. It’s simply too effective, too easy to use and too efficient.

For a free trial of Senuke, simply head over to this link.
A discounted yearly version is also available here, however you must have created a free account to see the special offer page.

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