Senuke Discount and Bonuses – Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke (Limited Time Offer)*

3 Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

“How To Save 27% On Senuke XCr
In 3 Simple Steps”

Hello there,

Are you planning to purchase Senuke? Before you do so, keep reading to learn about the 3 simple steps that will help you save 27% on your Senuke membership and to receive our exclusive value bonus ($147 + $39/Month Value).

In the world of internet marketing, Senuke is the king of all SEO programs. However, being the best comes with a price. The program currently cost new users $147/month – up from $127/month before and the price is still subject to increase in the following months. That’s why we recommend all users to sign up for a free 2 week trial as soon as possible – to test out the software and to lock in at the current price before it takes another jump.

-> Click Here For A Free 2 Week Trial ($68 Value) <-

It’s easy to get started. Simply follow the link above and click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of the screen. Sign up for a free account and on the member’s page, you’ll be presented with the 14 day free trial option and download.

Wondering what SeNuke 2.0 can do for you? Check out these people’s reviews, testimonials and the sales page here.

Line 8 Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

How To Get A Huge Senuke Discount
In 3 Simple Steps…

To get a huge savings of $39/month on your senuke membership and to receive our exclusive Senuke XCr bonus (popular SEO program licenses and SEO work currently sold at $147 + $39/month – more details later), simply follow the instructions below.

Important: Please note that this discount is only valid if you purchase a year subscription. If you are interested in a monthly subscription or aren’t ready to make a commitment to a yearly license yet, you can follow this link for a free 2 week trial ($68 Value) and still receive our bonus.

How To Get The Special Discount:

    1. Head over to the following link : Click Here

    2. You’ll see a login page. Simply sign up for a Senuke Xcr account (it’s free) on this page, and continue/login.

    3. You should now see a special One Time Offer to save $468 or $39/Month on Senuke!

Disclaimer: This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, the offer can be pulled at anytime. Hurry if you want to get your hands on the best internet marketing software at a discounted price!

Now enjoy your savings and…

Line 8 Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

Get These Awesome Senuke Bonuses!

We understand that internet marketing and SEO is hard, and that’s why we’ve made it so our bonus package will help you succeed in both of these areas!

Our Bonus Package Includes:

Bonus 1: 1 High Quality Article Submission Every Month
Value: $39/Month
Details: You get one premium article submission every month – a service that we sell elsewhere for $39 each. The submission is sent to 800-1200 Article Directories, with up to 300 instant live links – full report included. Offer is valid every month your subscription is active.

article marketing Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

Bonus 2: Bookmarking Demon or Article Marketing Robot
Value: $147
Details: Your choice of either a lifetime license to Bookmarking Demon (the best social bookmarking software) or Article Marketing Robot (the best article submission software). Only for those who’ve subscribed over 12 months or those with year subscriptions.

bookmarkingdemon articlemarketingrobot Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

This package gives you a great complementary service and program to use alongside Senuke to blast your way to #1 search engine rankings. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Senuke to get started with the best internet marketing software and receive our bonuses today.

Line 8 Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

Line 8 Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

How Do I Redeem The Bonuses?

Once you’ve signed up for a new Senuke account and subscription following the instructions above, simply send an email over to and we’ll get you set up.

senukexcr 460x60 1 Senuke Discount and Bonuses   Save $468 Or $39/Month On Senuke  (Limited Time Offer)*

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Best Ways To Use Se Nuke XCr – Series Part 1

senuke xcr Best Ways To Use Se Nuke XCr   Series Part 1

A lot of people wonder what’s the best way to use their copy of Se Nuke, and I don’t blame them. Senuke is such a complicated and diverse program that many people get confused and lost on how to really use of the software.

Don’t have the software yet? Check out my Senuke Review

Is the best way to just run huge templates over and over again? Or maybe it’s to use the new XCr feature, the “Turbo Wizard” to run a huge amount of campaigns? There are many ways to use the software effectively and in this Best Ways To Use Se Nuke XCr Series, I will attempt to cover most of them.

In this first part of the series, I will be discussing using Senuke to create a powerful tier 1 network. We all know that to rank properly now-a-days, we need a multi-tier linking structure for our websites. Some people recommend 2 tiers, some say 3 is enough and others get outrageous with 5 or more. Personally I’ve always preferred a 3 tier link structure with an extremely powerful tier 1 network.

senuke box 279x300 Best Ways To Use Se Nuke XCr   Series Part 1I own licenses to many SEO software and Se Nuke is without a doubt the best at creating tier 1s. How do you use Senuke to create tier 1s? Well it’s easy, using their “Social Network” module which as of 12/23/2012 has over 240 sites to register and post on. In case you don’t know what the social network module does, it basically creates hundreds of blogs that you could post on. Sounds powerful right? Unfortunately using it “straight out of the box” per say isn’t all that effective to be honest. Why?

That’s because simply without any modifications, Senuke will only post 1 article per blog/social network. A single article/post social network is a thin site that simply most likely won’t rank well or carry much weight with it. Imagine having 20 blogs with only 1 post each versus 20 blogs with 5 similar niche-related articles on it. It’s quite obvious the latter will carry much more weight and be viewed as more “authoritative”.

You don’t have to do any advance editing or programming to change the number of posts that Senuke posts on each site, however it’s not a matter of just changing the number in the options either. It’s more of a flaw in the template feature than a feature itself however this “flaw” has actually created a feature in itself. I know I’m being general however I will get more detailed in part 2 including how you can build your own tier 1 network.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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Senuke XCr Review – First Look

The brand new Senuke XCr was released yesterday and I finally got some time on my hands to play with it. So far the program looks AWESOME. I already have a few sites that I plan to test out with the new script editor – and of course release to all my subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, what are you waiting for? Subscribe Now!

senuke xcr review Senuke XCr Review   First Look

3 main updates were released with Senuke XCr. They are the 4 new modules, the Turbo Wizard and the new Script Editor. In this review, I’ll go over all 3 new updates and how they fare against the competitors.

The 4 new modules released with Senuke XCr were…

- WordPress
- Wiki
- Google Places

WordPress, PDF and Wiki looks amazing and will definitely be incorporated in my future projects. I don’t use Google Places or work with local clients so I don’t have much to say about that module.

One thing to note however is that the WordPress module does not come with any default sites. It’s purpose is for you, the users, to add your own WordPress sites and create a network of your own wordpress sites. I have tested and it DOES work with sites! Big thing to note however is that when you press “Test Sites”, it will show an error and say that it doesn’t work. Just add the site anyway and test the post, you’ll see that your article will get posted. Easy and cheap private wordpress network anyone? icon wink Senuke XCr Review   First Look

PDF and Wiki and great. There are a few other great products for Wiki and PDF already but hey, can’t complain about a free upgrade. Not much else to say about these 2 modules, they’re your standard modules.

The second big update is the Turbo Wizard. However honestly, it doesn’t affect me because it doesn’t provide enough control over the project. It should be extremely useful for service providers however thanks to all the time saved. The biggest problem for me with the Turbo Wizard is that it doesn’t allow you to provide the content. So if you’re looking for a high quality Tier-1 network, the turbo wizard is not meant for you.

Now, I haven’t touched the script editor yet. I know, I know. What kind of review of Senuke XCr if you don’t even mention anything about the new Script Editor? The truth is, the script editor review will require a post by it’s own. How does it fare against Ubot and Zennoposter? I won’t really know until I have a few days of learning all the ins-and-outs of it. So far it looks extremely promising, as they are trying to promote a sharing community within the software itself. You’ll get to download other user’s scripts if you upload your own. Sounds like a fair deal to me. A new post review about the Senuke Script Editor will be coming up in a few days.

If you’re not a user of Senuke XCr yet, I would highly recommend that you jump in right now. Currently they are running a promotional discount on the yearly license for $997 and have opened up their lifetime license again for $1997. I have already grabbed my lifetime license the last time it was available and I would highly recommend it.

To get your copy of Senuke XCr, just head over here. You’ll get a free 14 day trial and an option to grab the lifetime or yearly license at a huge discount.

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SerpBook – My Favorite Rank Tracker To Use With Senuke

SerpBook is a tool that I consider a MUST have with Senuke, it just complements the program so well. I use it alongside every Senuke campaign that I run and to help me track rankings in real time.

What am I talking about?

Serpbook – A new quick and affordable rank tracker that is perfect for everyone who is currently doing SEO for their own or even client’s sites. It’s a feature-rich rank tracker that all the SEO giants are already using.

One of my favorite features of Serpbook is this thing they developed called the “ViewKey”. It’s a customizable report that allows you or your clients to see your rankings in real time. Just take a look at a sample ViewKey below – Click To Enlarge.

viewkey SerpBook   My Favorite Rank Tracker To Use With Senuke

The Serpbook ViewKey is one of the essential tools behind my SEO business. It allows me to send my clients a beautiful report that updates in real time. All of my clients are loving this feature.

Some other great features SERPBook offers include:

- Live Notifications – Get instant notifications when keywords you’re tracking moves around
- Custom Branded PDF Reports – Perfect for those of us who owns a SEO/Link Building Business
- Notes – Allow you to jot down special notes. I use this to track which of my Senuke templates work the best icon wink SerpBook   My Favorite Rank Tracker To Use With Senuke
- and MANY more…

With plans starting at just $2.95, SerpBook is a no-brainer. Use it alongside Senuke and your other link building tools to track your entire SEO campaign, you won’t regret it.

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Senuke XCr Announced

Have you heard? Senuke is finally releasing its next huge update (even though the last update to add your own social bookmarking sites was pretty big too), nicknamed Senuke XCr.

The new features list is AMAZING (read about it here)and I can’t wait to create some more powerful Senuke templates using the new modules.

New modules added:

1. PDF Module – Amazing new module! I’ve been uploading PDF manually for a while now and I was thrilled to say the least when I read about this new module.
2. Wiki Module – Another amazing module. I pay $20/month for another program to do Wikis for me but now I can save that extra $20/month for more articles!
3. WordPress Module – Private blog network anyone?
4. Google Places Module – Not for me but will be amazing for those who do local SEO.

Another new amazing feature is the “Easy macro recorder – teach SEnuke to submit to any website on the Internet with just a few clicks.” I obviously haven’t tested it out yet but it seems to be imitating a feature that both Ubot Studios and Zennoposter thrive on, which is the ability to create your own personal template to post on any site. This will be huge as we will most likely see a ton of these private macros pop up on the Senuke forums and even see maybe some advanced ones for sale.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), those two are not the biggest surprise/update.

The “Huge “SECRET” feature to be announced a few days before launch” is.

This one is the biggest one, and for most people will be the most exciting of all the new features. It will literally shake up the SEO industry because of it’s sheer brilliance. But for competitive reasons, we can’t let you know what it is until just a few days before launch.

Hint 1: No SEO software out there has this.

Hint 2: People are drooling for this. They just don’t know it yet.

Hint 3: If you can guess what the “Cr” in SEnuke XCr stands for, you can get a pretty good idea of this new feature. How’s that for a teaser?

Guess we’ll just have to wait another month or two before the announcement. This new update will definitely change the SEO game.

Read the full update list here

Want To Try Senuke For Free? Click Here For A Free 2 Week Trial

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Senuke X 2.0 Yearly License

Not much people know about the yearly license of Senuke because well, it’s kind of a secret. It’s not too publicized because the makers of Senuke X would lose out on $468 every year for each person who decides to subscribe for a yearly subscription.

Those who decide to purchase a yearly subscription save $39/Month on Senuke which equals out to be $468 every year. Of course, the program isn’t that cheap to begin with so every bit of savings helps ALOT. Senuke on a monthly basis costs the user $147 a month but it is STILL worth it for the price. That’s because the flexibility and power of the software allow users to quickly and efficiently climb the SERPs (search engine results page) which means more traffic, and traffic equals money.

How can someone get access to the yearly subscription and save $468 every year??

Simply follow this link – Note that it will ask you for your account and login. To be able to sign up for it, you must already have an account on Senuke however account signup is FREE and does not mean you have to have a current subscription. You can simply click on the link, sign up for an account and then visit the link again. You’ll see a special offers page that will let you pay a yearly subscription fee rather than a monthly fee which costs $147 a month.

Do I recommend the yearly license??

Of course, I’ve used Senuke for over 2 years now and it’s still one of my favorite tools thanks to all the constant updates and fixes they release every week. Once you see the power of Senuke for yourself, you’ll definitely continue using it and you’ll save a lot of money on the long run using the yearly subscription.

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[GET] Free Senuke XCr Diagram Templates

Already have SEnuke X or worried about not knowing how to use the SEO software? Worry not as we are providing links to some free Senuke X diagrams available here.

There are already some good diagrams that come preloaded with Senuke 2.0 such as The Full Monty and The Cabalis however if you are looking for some less known and used templates, these are perfect for you.

At the time of writing this, there are three free premium templates available for download here. The Cosmic Blast, Supernova and Social Slam. My favorite has to be either the Cosmic blast or the Social Slam, but watch out – these diagrams are huge! If you’re using Senuke on a slow computer, it might take a while to fully finish one full run. Use at your own risk =D

Update: Link fixed and more templates added!

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Why Senuke X is the Best Link Building Software Available

There are many automated link building softwares out there nowadays but none of which really compares to the brute force power of Senuke X.

The reason why Senuke X is still the best search engine optimization software for the past 2 years is because of it’s consistent weekly updates and it’s variety on the links it’s able to build. Senuke can do

That’s a huge variety of backlinks which Google absolutely loves.

Sure, there have been some SEO programs that have been effective in the last year or so, however Google updates (Panda update anyone?) have killed off the effectiveness of most of these softwares. Why? Simply because these software are only able to do one type of backlinking such as blog commenting. Spamming one type of backlink onto your site no longer has ANY effect on your site’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

Not to mention the update schedules on these other software are near non-existant. One update every few or couple of months? That’s simply not going to cut it into today’s fast updating and revolving internet world. That’s another aspect in which Senuke X excels in. Senuke X has software programmers that are dedicated to just updating and adding new sites to submit to! Updates come weekly instead of monthly, all the broken sites get fixed quick.

Senuke is definitely one of the SEO programs that I can’t not have in my arsenal. It’s simply too effective, too easy to use and too efficient.

For a free trial of Senuke, simply head over to this link.
A discounted yearly version is also available here, however you must have created a free account to see the special offer page.

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What is Senuke X 2.0?

What is Senuke X 2.0? Well if you asked me, it is and has been the best search engine optimization tool available.

But who am I to say what’s the best internet marketing tool? Well I’ve tried and tested all different kinds of backlinking tools. From the well known Xrumer to the more under-the-table secrets like Sick Submitter, I have used them all. No other tool can match the variety and effectiveness of Senuke. It’s pretty much the Jack-Of-All-Trades tool in the internet marketing world.

Senuke is one of only 2 tools that I know of, that people are selling the service for! That’s how effective it is, people are actually selling “Senuke Services” ranging in price anywhere from $47 to over $100 each blast! That is quite a testament to the power of Senuke, since a monthly license only costs $147 and you can do unlimited submissions and blast every day. Why is Senuke so effective though?

Well that’s because no other tools will automatically automatically schedule and post to article directories, press release directories, social networks, social bookmarks, rss and video submission sites for you! Other tools usually just specialize in one of the above which is good but does not offer link diversity which search engines love. Which is why after 1 year of using Senuke X, I’ve purchased a lifetime license which is no longer available. However you still can get a 14 day free trial here or sign up for a yearly license and save $468 a year or $39 every month here.

To be able to be eligible for the one year license however, you have to sign up for an account on the Senuke website first and then click on the special yearly license link. I honestly do not know how long the yearly license is still going to be available for, since it’s a limited time offer so sign up for the free trial and test out the power of Senuke for yourself.

Free 14 Day Trial Available Here

Yearly License Available Here (Must Already Have An Account First – Free To Sign Up)

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