What is Senuke X 2.0?

What is Senuke X 2.0? Well if you asked me, it is and has been the best search engine optimization tool available.

But who am I to say what’s the best internet marketing tool? Well I’ve tried and tested all different kinds of backlinking tools. From the well known Xrumer to the more under-the-table secrets like Sick Submitter, I have used them all. No other tool can match the variety and effectiveness of Senuke. It’s pretty much the Jack-Of-All-Trades tool in the internet marketing world.

Senuke is one of only 2 tools that I know of, that people are selling the service for! That’s how effective it is, people are actually selling “Senuke Services” ranging in price anywhere from $47 to over $100 each blast! That is quite a testament to the power of Senuke, since a monthly license only costs $147 and you can do unlimited submissions and blast every day. Why is Senuke so effective though?

Well that’s because no other tools will automatically automatically schedule and post to article directories, press release directories, social networks, social bookmarks, rss and video submission sites for you! Other tools usually just specialize in one of the above which is good but does not offer link diversity which search engines love. Which is why after 1 year of using Senuke X, I’ve purchased a lifetime license which is no longer available. However you still can get a 14 day free trial here or sign up for a yearly license and save $468 a year or $39 every month here.

To be able to be eligible for the one year license however, you have to sign up for an account on the Senuke website first and then click on the special yearly license link. I honestly do not know how long the yearly license is still going to be available for, since it’s a limited time offer so sign up for the free trial and test out the power of Senuke for yourself.

Free 14 Day Trial Available Here

Yearly License Available Here (Must Already Have An Account First – Free To Sign Up)

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