Free Senuke XCr Templates

Here are some free premium Senuke XCr templates to help you with your SEO campaigns!

Download these free Senuke templates and use them on your campaigns to see amazing results! Simply click on the template image to view the enlarged detailed image of the template.

Template 1: Cosmic Blast
Designed to create 4 powerful Social Network blasts to your main site, Cosmic blast is great for safe and effective linkbuilding. Each of the first 4 Social Network Modules gets linked by another Social Network Module, a RSS Submission Module, an Indexer Module and a Social Bookmarking Module to create 4 powerful and well-linked social network blasts.
Senuke Template Cosmic Blast 300x290 Free Senuke XCr Templates


Template 2: Super Nova
An upgraded version of the “Cosmic Blast”, this Senuke template adds an extra Forum Profile Module to each Social Networking site to boost their authority and backlinks.
Senuke Template Supernova 300x294 Free Senuke XCr Templates


Template 3: Social Slam

The Social Slam Senuke template is surely one to stare and admire at. Inspired by the Cosmic Blast (the first template), Social Slam has 8 even more powerful Social Network Modules pointing at your URLs/domains. Each Social Networking Module gets linked and indexed by other social networks to create a “Social Slam”. A great link pyramid template.
Senuke Template Social Slam 300x274 Free Senuke XCr Templates


Template 4: Simple Arrow

Simple Arrow is a simple template I quickly put together using the new PDF and Wiki modules. Good to use for adding diversity to your money site.

simple arrow 300x204 Free Senuke XCr Templates


Enjoy! Also note that it is best to finish the submission of each of these templates in 1 day and to not spread it out over several days due to minor glitches within the Senuke XCr template system.

senukexcr 460x60 1 Free Senuke XCr Templates